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Kathleen Finlay is founder and CEO of The Compassion Innovation Lab. Described by CTV National News as “another modern thinker who can save lives” her groundbreaking work over two decades in modernizing health care, combating medical errors, stemming gender violence and improving mental health delivery with innovations like the forthcoming 988 suicide prevention hotline has established her as one of Canada’s most impactful and recognized voices for making compassion the new normal.  Since 2021, she has been calling for a national inquiry into the lessons of the coronavirus pandemic, including the creation of a national roadmap to address the needs of the most vulnerable, who were disproportionately harmed by the public health crisis.  To that end, she has urged the establishment of a liveable floor of support for economically disadvantaged Canadians and reiterated the now fifty-year-old proposal for a guaranteed annual income. She regularly appears before committees of the House of Commons and Senate.  The work of her neoteric advocacy clinics and frequent op-ed columns have been extensively cited in national and international media and in scholarly journals around the world.

J.Richard Finlay is a senior fellow with The Compassion Innovation Lab, focusing on compassion governance and its evolving role in ESG (environment, social responsibility and governance) practices.  He is one of the world’s longest cited, still practicing, experts in sound boardroom governance and the ethical responsibilities of trusted leaders. His work preceded the arrival ESG by several decades and he originated the term stakeholder capitalism in the 1980s. He founded and heads The Finlay Centre for Corporate & Public Governance. Now in its fourth decade, it is the oldest independent think tank of its kind dedicated to advancing higher standards of integrity, transparency, social purposefulness and accountability in major corporations and public institutions.

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Kathleen Finlay’s Advocacy Clinics

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