Reimagining compassion can change lives. Here are some of the breakthrough initiatives and work in progress created by The Compassion Innovation Lab.

With Ci's help, a top university created a safe trauma-informed path for victims of sexual harassment and gender violence to restart their careers.

Ci is helping municipalities find better ways of delivering their compassion agendas in a post-pandemic world.


Ci was the first to urge capital markets regulators to set higher standards for combating sexual misconduct and ban NDAs that allow corporate predators to thrive.

Following Ci's advocacy and media outreach, the Canadian government reversed its policy to claw back GIS benefits for low income seniors and passed Bill C-12 to restore all payments to those affected.

An association of health care professionals called on Ci to provide strategic communications and support for key regulatory submissions.

Building on Ci's recommendations, a major U.S. health care chain adopted a trauma-informed, compassion-based protocol for addressing medical errors.

Ci is working with healthcare providers to improve education and protocol safety involving do not resuscitate (DNR) orders.

Ci was called on to work with an international roundtable of legislators, scholars and victims to ban the harm of non-disclosure agreements (NDAs).  

Ci was the first voice to publicly call for a national inquiry into the lessons of the pandemic, including the need for a basic annual income to ensure the most vulnerable are not left behind — again.

Ci continues to push for groundbreaking innovations in mental health delivery, like the new national 988 suicide prevention hotline Kathleen Finlay introduced to Canada in 2019. 

Ci is working to make compassion the new normal in the workplace, on the campuses and in the community. Please join us. 

We can help your organization make compassion the new normal, too. Here’s our contact information.

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