CTV’s Lisa LaFlamme described Kathleen Finlay as “another modern thinker who can save lives.”

Compassion Innovation:

Bringing 988 suicide prevention lifeline to Canada.

Working with international lawmakers and survivors to end the harm of NDAs.

Building compassion through chief compassion officers.

Developing trauma-informed care for victims of medical errors.

Creating burnout guardrails for physicians.

Building gender-safe workplaces.

Urging a national inquiry on the lessons of the pandemic, and the future of Canada’s most vulnerable.

Working everywhere to make compassion the new normal.

Compassion is our mission.

Innovation is how we get there.

One of the oldest tools for advancing physical and emotional well-being is still one of the best — compassion.

Welcome to The Compassion Innovation Lab, where we’re combining evidence, experience and moral imagination to make compassion the new normal.

What did we learn about compassion from the pandemic? What are the best practices that will define the compassionate organization in five and ten years? How can compassion deal with the epidemic of loneliness?  With our deep knowledge base of thousands of lived experiences gained over two decades of advocacy, we’ve already produced game-changing ideas to combat gender-based violence and sexual harassment and improve patient safety, mental health delivery and suicide prevention, like the coming 988 national lifeline, first introduced to Canada by Kathleen Finlay in 2019. Some of these initiatives are now law. 

We’re working on breakthrough innovations to make compassion the new normal in big cities and urban settings, in universities, among health care providers, in the workplace, in our military and law enforcement agencies and, of course, everywhere our most vulnerable are at risk. 

We’re reimagining the power of compassion to heal, inspire and prevent harm.

And we’re changing lives for the better.





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Be kind to someone, and yourself, today.

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